Single Site Hysterectomy – the newest technology available in Arizona!

single site hysterectomy

Performing Single Site Hysterectomy in Arizona

da Vinci® Minimally Invasive Surgery!

This is a new technique that only the most advanced of women’s care doctors offer.  Using robotic-assisted techniques, the surgeon can perform procedures on a patient with smaller incisions than even some laparoscopic surgery.  This state of the art surgery can be done with one small 2 cm incision in the belly button, which we call Single Site Hysterectomy, or through 3 or 4 small 1 cm incisions in the lower abdominal area which is the original da Vinci® procedure.   This means the potential shorter recovery time, reduced complications, and lower hospitalization costs. Single site hysterectomy can remove the entire uterus with or without the tubes and ovaries through one small 2 cm incision in the belly button!

  • Single-site hysterectomy is the newest and most cosmetically appealing way of removing the uterus that there has ever been.
  • To qualify for a single-site hysterectomy, you must have a BMI of between 18 and 24.9 and your uterus cannot be too enlarged.

This is a new technique, not every medical center can offer da Vinci® surgery. However, we have doctors fully-trained in the technique.