Do you need an ultrasound?

Arizona Women’s Care offers both obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound for our patients in our office. This helps women be able to avoid scheduling at a radiology facility. Patients can often schedule an ultrasound with our on site technicians and then have a followup appointment to review the results with the doctor immediately following the imaging.

Most ob ultrasounds are done in the office but some obstetric ultrasounds may be high risk and we are able to refer our patients to our excellent perinatologist for an expert evaluation of the suspected problem.

Many problems arise in the non pregnant patient, gyn complaints such as pelvic pain or pressure or heavy abnormal bleeding are very common. If possible we try and get our patients in for same day ultrasounds, if an emergency we are able to do the ultrasound immediately. We try to offer as many services as we can in our own office to aid our patients in their efficiency in getting their health care needs met.