Ob Gyn Specialists New Website!

ob gyn specialists

Ob Gyn Specialists now have a new website!

After a little sweat and tears the new interactive Arizona Women’s Care site is up and running! We are happy to be Scottsdale’s Ob Gyn specialists. We care for our patients and want to help educate them through the latest social media. We are so excited to be in control of our site and hope to update it frequently to keep our patients on top of the latest news and stories regarding women’s health issues.

  • We have a FB page to share our experiences, photos or comments.
  • We have a twitter account that hopes to give you daily information on health topics in the news and tips that all of us as obgyns and moms would like to know.
  • We have a patient portal that will allow you to make appointments, send us a message, see your labs or pay your bill.

We are so excited to finally be interactive with our patients and current in this day and age where social media can connect with so many individuals and get information out there that we feel is important to know!!