MonaLisa Touch Testimonial

MonaLisa Touch Patient Testimonial:


The physicians of Arizona Women’s Care in Scottsdale knew that acquiring the MonaLisa Touch laser procedure for their OB/GYN practice would have a positive clinical impact on the health of their menopausal patients suffering with vaginal dryness, itching and painful intercourse.

They also knew this breakthrough technology in medical laser therapy offered an incredible opportunity to women who had triumphed over breast or ovarian cancer and now needed a hormone-free solution for vaginal atrophy. Doctors Castilla, Kwatra, Langer, Heathcott and Helms had done their research, combed over the data from the Italian studies and spoke to fellow physicians in the United States and abroad who recommended the procedure and participated in the studies.

What they never imagined was receiving so many heartwarming stories and reports from women finally free from the debilitating symptoms of vaginal dryness, itching and painful intercourse. In 3-easy, in-office visits the MonaLisa Touch laser was indeed “changing lives.” The following is such a testimonial from a patient of Arizona Women’s Care whose quality of life was changed by the MonaLisa Touch procedure:

“I was not able to participate in intimacy any longer due to vaginal atrophy and dryness. It was just too painful! I tried bio-identical estradiol suppositories and many different types of vaginal dryness remedies—NOTHING worked for me. I was so upset and felt I could not tell my Fiancé, afraid he would leave me or decide not to marry me. I complained of my situation to my doctor, Dr. JulieAnn Heathcott at Arizona Women’s Care, and she explained they now offered a new CO-2 laser treatment for vaginal atrophy called the MonaLisa Touch. She told me they had recently acquired the laser for their practice, as it had been used successfully abroad since 2007 and was approved by the FDA for use in the United States in December 2014, to rave reviews.  I said I wanted to try it and so we began.

The first treatment was completely painless. The procedure took only five minutes, I felt a mild vibration from the probe inserted within the vaginal canal and a little cold air. I had no pain or discomfort following the procedure. Intimacy was improved internally right away (no pain inside the vagina at all). There was about a 70% improvement at the opening of the vagina, but there was still some pain with insertion. Throughout the treatment process, I opted to continue to use a recommended personal lubricant for assistance due to my apprehension and the fact it had been so long since I had last participated in intercourse.

The second treatment, a month later, was more intense, but still pain-free. This time, based on my feedback, special attention was paid to the vaginal opening. About 4 hours later, I experienced some light spotting which was temporary and to be expected. About two weeks later, intimacy was greatly improved and the opening was now 80% better, but still troublesome.

The third treatment, another 4-6 weeks later, was yet again, more intense, but still not uncomfortable or painful in any way. The vaginal canal and opening were treated once again, however this time, post treatment, I had no spotting or discharge of any kind. Two weeks later, intimacy was AMAZING! I had no pain at all inside the vagina nor at the opening upon insertion.

All in all, the MonaLisa Touch was a great SUCCESS for me! The procedure has changed my life with the man I love. I thought my life was over, I had shed many tears and experienced depression over this horrible condition and now I am finally free of it. I am so grateful for the team of doctors at Arizona Women’s Care and their advanced forward thinking to truly help patients like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

–Diane, 61 years old

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