Open House Events for the MonaLisa Touch!

MonaLisa Touch

Our MonaLisa Touch Open House Seminars are bringing women together from all over the valley to learn about how this incredible procedure could change their lives. Due to the great success of our patients and the pleasure of providing this valuable forum to the women in our community we are going to continue to offer Open House dates through the holiday season!

MonaLisa Touch could be the perfect gift to give to the one you love this holiday season!

Arizona Women’s Care is proud to celebrate opportunities to open it’s doors to the amazing community of women we serve. We are so happy that our patients, and their family and friends came out to join us last month for another great evening regarding the MonaLisa Touch! It was wonderful to share information and libations with all of you over this brilliant new FDA approved technology for vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse!

The MonaLisa Touch is a laser treatment used to reverse the effects of vaginal atrophy caused by the lack of estrogen during the peri-menopausal time period in a woman’s life. As hormones are depleted the vaginal walls atrophy, losing collagen due to the decrease of vascular activity. As a result, many women experience vaginal dryness, irritation, and burning as well as experience painful intercourse, all of which negatively alter a woman’s quality of life. MonaLisa Touch is the non-hormonal treatment answer to all of these complications with menopause! No more messy creams or daily prescriptions; the MonaLisa Touch laser restores collagen to the vaginal walls therefore restoring moisture and elasticity and creating a more positive and enjoyable intimate experience. For breast cancer survivors or women who are simply unable to take estrogen or women who just want more out of life, this treatment is for you. At our seminar we will show you the studies, explain the data, answer your questions and you can hear 1st hand our patient testimonials.


Arizona Women’s Care are the first Board Certified Gynecologists in Arizona to perform the MonaLisa Touch Procedure!

Testimony and feedback are consistently positive and 100% encouraging to the incredible results our patients are experiencing with the MonaLisa Touch laser:

“Thank you Arizona Women’s Care for offering the MonaLisa Touch! It is an amazing treatment. I am 100% back to feeling like I did 20 years ago! Ladies-this truly works!”  ~Rhonda – age 61

“I tired everything: estrogen creams, estrogen pills and oral medication for years and nothing worked. I can not believe the results form the MonaLisa Touch! It is life changing! It saved my relationship! I am so grateful to have found this procedure. Thank you so much!”  ~Diane  – age 61

We would love to have you join us at one of our upcoming events:

December 3, 2015  5-7pm

January 14, 2016  5-7pm

February 11, 2016  5-7pm

March 17, 2016  5-7pm

RSVP to Julie 480-455-0016