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MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch:

The new laser technology known as the MonaLisa Touch is CHANGING the lives of women all over the world and it has now arrived in Scottsdale! The revolutionary new laser technology known as MonaLisa Touch is now being offered at Arizona Women’s Care! We are proud to announce that your gynecologist specialist can now offer you a safe and effective solution to vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and urinary incontinence caused by vaginal atrophy. Arizona Women’s Care is excited to bring this amazing breakthrough treatment for vaginal atrophy to our practice and to all women throughout the valley who suffer from the painful effects of menopause.

We are starting this amazing treatment June 1st, 2015.

MonaLisa Touch is a laser treatment used to reverse the effects of vaginal atrophy caused by the lack of estrogen during the peri-menopausal time period in a woman’s life. As hormones are depleted the vaginal walls atrophy, losing collagen due to the decrease of vascular activity. As a result, many women experience vaginal dryness, irritation, and burning as well as experience painful intercourse, all of which negatively alter a woman’s quality of life. MonaLisa Touch is the non-hormonal treatment answer to all of these complications with menopause! No more messy creams or daily prescriptions; the MonaLisa Touch laser restores collagen to the vaginal walls therefore restoring moisture and elasticity and creating a more positive and enjoyable intimate experience. For breast cancer survivors or women who are simply unable to take estrogen or women who just want more out of life, this treatment is for you.

“After 23 years of marriage it was so hard to continue having intercourse with my husband because it hurt so much. But what could I do? He is my husband, and I love him. I did it anyway. Then I had the MonaLisa Touch procedure and everything changed! It no longer hurt to have sex, and it was unbelievable! I am so grateful for this technology and what it has done for my marriage!” – Anonymous

The brilliance of the MonaLisa Touch procedure is that it is quick and virtually painless. The treatment consists of three easy 5 minute procedures over the course of 12 weeks. As is the case of many medical treatments, results may vary. However, most women are still symptom free after 18 months and continue to enjoy the benefits of their MonaLisa Touch therapy. Some women, depending on the severity of their symptoms, may need a more unique treatment frequency based on their personal profile. Nonetheless, patients around the world are celebrating the MonaLisa Touch.  Speak to your gynecologist specialist today to see how this simple procedure could change your life.

The doctors at Arizona Women’s Care are now your specialists in MonaLisa Touch laser therapy!

More patient testimonial videos are available here.

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