1 Year of MonaLisa Touch!

Arizona Women’s Care Celebrates 1 year with MonaLisa Touch!


One year ago today, June 1st, 2015, Arizona Women’s Care became the first all-female board-certified OB/GYN practice in the state of Arizona to offer the revolutionary MonaLisa Touch laser procedure.

As women caring for women, the five physicians of Arizona Women’s Care, Doctors Castilla, Kwatra, Langer, Heathcott and Helms, wanted to bring hope and healing to an entire community of women suffering from the unbearable symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, frequent infections, and urinary incontinence. The MonaLisa Touch is a painless fractional CO2 laser treatment applied directly to the vaginal mucosa. This laser stimulates collagen production and corrects the atrophic conditions caused by estrogen deficiency.

Now after a terrific first year Arizona Women’s Care is celebrating the success of more than 500 procedures and the incredible difference MonaLisa Touch has made in the lives of almost 200 patients!

From heartfelt thank you notes, to big hugs and flower arrangements from grateful husbands, MonaLisa Touch has indeed changed the lives of countless women and men in the Arizona Women’s Care family. Our MonaLisa Touch Clinical Director and dedicated Concierge, Jennifer Beichner considers every patient “a friend of the family” and is usually the first to remind the staff around the office of the program’s amazing impact on the lives of the women they serve. “If as women we don’t talk about these challenges, we cannot help one another overcome them! Tell a friend ladies! Share your success!”

Jennifer loves connecting with women regarding MonaLisa Touch, but more often than not patients are excited about their results and want to talk about their triumphs and new found freedom from pain and discomfort.

Kelly, 53 years old had this to say about her treatment, “I had great results! This was money well spent! I’m really glad I did it, I only wish MonaLisa Touch had been available sooner!” Another patient named Renee, 61 years old, offered a more serious insight into the struggles married couples face when a partner is having difficulty with physical intimacy. Renee gave a testimonial at a recent Arizona Women’s Care Open House event, “Before MonaLisa Touch, my husband thought there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t at all interested in sex. Painful intercourse is hard to talk about even with your husband; he couldn’t help but take it personally. Now just since my 2nd MonaLisa Touch treatment our sex life is greatly improved, I am so much more comfortable and interested!”

Unfortunately, MonaLisa Touch still is not covered by insurance and remains an out-of-pocket expense. A woman named Vicki, a long-time patient of Arizona Women’s Care, could not have been more pleased with her investment and her results, reveling in the enjoyment of experiencing pain-free intercourse again with her husband. Vicki offers this light-hearted anecdote to women considering the MonaLisa Touch treatment, “I know it’s not covered by insurance but neither was my Chanel purse!”

The celebration continues…

For more information on the MonaLisa Touch procedure at Arizona Women’s Care call Julie at 480-455-0016 for a free consultation over the phone or RSVP to join the doctors and staff of Arizona Women’s Care on Thursday, June 16th, 2016 from 5-6:30pm for a FREE Open House & Informational Seminar all about the MonaLisa Touch.